Serendipity has guided Sajata's life from the very beginning. "Sajata," which means, "to adorn" in Hindi has traveled the world in the promotion of beauty. Sajata's interest in beauty started when at age of six she would sit perched at her mother's vanity, mixing and creating new shades and colors to give herself a more glamorous look.

Sajata is very popular among New York's elite, the television industry and in Europe. Sajata has enjoyed a diverse career as personal make-up artist to the notable television news journalist Barbara Walters for eight years before traveling to Europe, and continues to work on various shows in network television like CBS - The Early Show, Nickelodeon and others. Her work has been featured on magazines everywhere including the pages of Deutsche Vogue to Essence magazine. With years of experience in cosmetology, Sajata has done make-up for Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Senator Hillary Clinton, various actors and entertainers and was key make-up person for Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary special.

Sajata furthered her talents by traveling across the Atlantic touring throughout Europe as an exclusive and prominent international make-up artist/spokesperson for the leading European beauty company "Juvena of Switzerland".

Sajata's philosophy is not to use make-up to overwhelm, but to enhance one's natural beauty by adding definition to your best features and concealing our unwanted flaws."

Women from every walk of life constantly seek her beauty advice and grooming tips. Sajata's goal is to share the secrets of beauty with every woman.